BMW E38 E39 X3 X5 LCD pixels can be restored for good.
Forget all you heard about this topic like "contact spray,
drilling, rolling on the connector pads e.t.c."
We don't do those - we simply replace the faulty part!
At the end of the day the pixels of the LCD will be restored
100%, the instrument cluster will work as a new one.

Good news: we can also repair the clusters which were "fixed" at home
DIY -  of course only in case it was not totally damaged.
Details / costs:                                                                     

To make the cost side clear, we charge only 1 price for the repairs service, which
covers everything:

- fixing the LCD pixels 100%
- bulbs replacement
- cleaning the instrument cluster
- postage back to the owner after repars

 Now all this for 99 GBP only!

To make it even simplier for you to calculate the price, we decided not to
distinguish the price between different locations. This price is valid for all locations
on the Globe, so wherever you are (Africa, United States, Europe, or anywhere
else) the price is the same, so 99 GBP covers everything.
Detailed instructions for shipping and payment
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Instrument cluster pixel repairs service
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