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Shipping Address                                                                                                                     

 Mr. Balas Forster

 22 Iszap Street
 Budapest, 1036

Packaging Tips                                                                     

Please pack your cluster according to the following guidelines:

 • Use a sturdy cardboard box a reasonable size larger than the unit.
 • Cover the cluster with a bag to keep the elements out.
 • Add a thick layer of bubble wrap on the bottom of the box.
 • Wrap the cluster with bubble-wrap and place the cluster with the gauges facing to the side of the
 • Pack the face, top and sides of the box with plenty of bubble-wrap or packing peanuts till it's full.

All packages must contain the following information:

 • Name or Company Name
 • Return shipping address
 • Contact telephone number
 • Proof of payment


 • Please do not send cash or checks
 • We only accept PayPal or Credit Card payments made by PayPal. Please note, that you do         
    not have to be registered on Paypal to make a payment.

International Repairs                                                            

 • In order to make it easy to calculate the price, we decided to apply the very same price for all
    locations. The shipment (return) cost is included in the 99GBP, regardless to your location.
Handbook for removing the instrument cluster                    

Please download and read carefully the removal instructions file. This will give you a hand, and  
definitely save some time for you. Removing the cluster should take not more then 10 minutes.

Download the handbook