Range Rover dead pixel repair DIY instrument cluster LCD, MID, radio unit. - LCD display pixel repair ribbon - instrument cluster OBC

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Range Rover Instrument cluster / MID LCD pixel failure repairs

**HQ SILVER cables with VIDEO repair manual **

Several Land Rover and Range Rover models have the common disappearing pixels on the instrument cluster (also on the board computer) - on the large LCD display that shows valuable data such as the mileage and the on board computer messages. The pixel problem lies with the ribbon cable that connects the LCD display to the circuit board of the instrument cluster. The pictures below show the instrument clsuter's LCD display before and after the ribbon cable replacement (just an example of several board computer / dashboard instrument cluster types):

Range Rover instrument cluster pixel failure
Rover speeo LCD DIY repairs

before ribbon cable replacement

after ribbon cable replacement

1. Dashboard instrument cluster Range Rover / Land Rover:

There are several slightly different Rover instrument clusters, but all assembled with the same LCD display. So if your LCD looks like the one on the picture below, this ribbon cable will definitely fit:  

Brand new ribbon cable for Rover instrument cluster.
Rover products
# 254-003


Essential for dead or fading pixel repairs.
Quantity Discount available Quantity Discount available
15.00 €
Instument Cluster LCD display with ribbon cable for Range Rover
Rover products

***brand new boxed***
***including heat seal ribbon cable***

LCD display with ribbon cable for Range Rover speedometer.
55.00 €
Bulbs for instrument cluster LCD background light (3pcs):
Rover products
# 259-002

NOTE: there are 3 bulbs included in this price. Optional for pixel failure repairs / restoration.
9.00 €
Needle removal tool for BMW E38 / E39 / E53
BMW products

*** special needle removal tool ***
*** torx screwdriver included***
*** Fits to item #254-003 and #223-002_S ***
7.00 €

2. Multi Information Display - MID - OBC unit for Range Rover / Land Rover:

There are several slightly different Rover MID units, but all assembled with the same LCD display. So if your LCD display looks like the one on the picture below, this ribbon cable will definitely fit:

dead and fading pixels on the OBC
Brand new ribbon cable for Rover MID unit.
Rover products
# 254-001

***torx screwdriver included***
***no soldering, no "T tip" needed***

Essential for dead or fading pixel repairs.
Quantity Discount available Quantity Discount available
17.00 €
Bulbs for Rover MID unit - phone / mid / board computer / radio unit (12pcs):
Rover products
# 259-003

NOTE: there are 12 bulbs / lamps included in this price.
9.00 €
Rover AC silver ribbon cable
Rover products


Real silver ribbon cable pixel repair kit for Rover AC unit.
25.00 €

Why do the Rover speedometer LCD displays fail with pixel failure? DIY Pixel repair helps with pixel failure? Well the Rover speedo manufacturers have a few minurtes only to produce a complete Rover speedo with LCD dispay and silver ribbon cable. Because of this, VDO Instrument Cluster manufacturer decied to assemble the Rover LCD display and the silver ribbon cable with heat bonding procedure. This Rover speedometer assembly design makes the contacts of the LCD display and the ribbon cable loose contact very fast, most cases in just a few years. This means, the Rover LCD display show pixel failures, it needs pixel repair, but both the silver ribbon cable and the Rover LCD display work well - only the connection of them is bad, that is why you have LCD display pixel problems, and you need a pixel fix by a professional, or done DIY with an LCD display pixel repair KIT - a silver or a carbon cable. How can we improve the quality of the LCD displays and the ribbon cables? Well if you assemble the Rover LCD with the ribbon cable with pressure, no heat bonding, then the pixels of the LCD display will work for an unlimited time. Dashboard LCD displays work on high temperature, so it is the best to avoid using the heat bonding procedure. Pixel repair DIY, or pixel fix by a professional?


Is it really a pixel failure or just a dead bulb behind the display?

It is easy to distinguish:

- If the bulbs are out behind the display, then all the rows and colunms do work on the Rover instrument cluster's LCD display, but the background light of the Rover LCD display is uneven, or some cases the display is completely dark. This case no need to repair the pixels, you do not need a silver, nor a new LCD display. This case you just need to buy the lightbulbs that provide light behind the Rover LCD display.
- If the Rover instrument cluster's LCD display has really pixel problems, then typically lines or colunms of the display are missing. Several cases the characters are broken, numbers and letters shown on the instrument cluster's display are unreadable - the backlight is even. In case of a real pixel problem, when one or more pixels are missing from the display, you need to buy a silver ribbon cable, or some cases a complete Rover LCD display. It really depends on that if it is a BMW, a Mercedes, and Audi, VW, Saab, Rover or other make, and of course if it a MID display, a speedometer, a board computer or other LCD dipslay. Most cases, when you have a pixel failure, and you decide to repair it, it's really worth to buy a set of bulbs too, as bulbs tend to go out during repair - this is due to the massive mechanical shocks experienced during the pixel repair procedure.

Can I do the pixel repair of my Rover instrument cluster's LCD display at home? How about tools?

Well, most of the Rover instrument cluster's LCD pixel repair KITs we sell are designed to be simple and easy to use. The word easy should now be the subject of further discussion. An average Rover instrument cluster's LCD display pixel repair is far more difficult then replacing a lightbulb. You definitely have to have good mechnical skills, and some household tools, such as nippers, screewdrivers, household tape, and other goodies to fix things around the house.

If you have to ask one of these questions, then you definitly should NOT do a Rover instrument cluster LCD pixel repair at home (we were asked these questions before, this is not a joke):

- Which way should I turn the screwdriver to undo the screw?
- What is a display?
- How do I find the LCD thing in my Rover?
- How do I glue the LCD into the dashboard?
- Is it as easy as replacing a lightbulb?

Is it coming from China, or is it a high quality product coming from a proper factory?

Well, Pixelfix is an internationally registered trademark. Pixelfix only sells the highest quality Rover speedometer silver ribbon cables, that are capable of lifetime operation. We sell most of our repairs with lifetime warranty, and you will find the exact same displays, cables, and other spare parts that we use for professional repairs. The silver ribbon cables we use for Rover instrument cluster's LCD display pixel repair are real silver, which is a very expensive base material, that is why the price is much higher compared to carbon ribbon cables.

I ordered a Rover instrument cluster's LCD display today, when will I receive it?

You may keep an eye on your package, if you ordered the silver ribbon cables with postal delivery on you may check the status on your local post office's website, or if you ordered next day deliver then you need to see TNT / FedEx or DHL tracking site for status.


All  Rover LCD displays, silver ribbon cables, speedometer spare parts bought in the webshop will come with an invoice. All invoices are issued electronically, so you will receive an e-mail with the printable invoice in it. This invoce can be printed and filed to the accounts.

I started the repair, but I do not seem to deal with it:

No worries, we do provide technical support, and help repairing of your Rover instrument cluster's LCD display. We have been repairing these Rover instrument cluster units for years, we made hundreds of repairs, so we can provide tecnical support very effectively - on the phone, via skype, via e-mail or whichever you prefer. Please note that you need to book an appointment, but it is completely free of charge.

I replaced the silver ribbon cable, but still there is nothing on the Rover LCD's screen:

No worries, this symptom can be due to a bagatel problem which can be fixed easily. If there are no pixels on the Rover instrument cluster's display at all, that MUST be due to one of the followings:

- the contacts of the Rover LCD display or the panel are not perfectly clean - this case there is no contact between the Rover LCD display and the panel of the speedometer
- either the Rover speedometer LCD display or the silver ribbon cable was mounted in the wrong direction, so the contacts are on the wrong side

- the alignment of the silver ribbon cable is not good, so the pads of the silver ribbon cable do not match the pads of the Rover LCD display or panel.

I started the repair, but it seems to be beyond my technical skills:

Let's talk about the worst case scenario, you started the repair, but you do not seem to deal with the repair of the Rover instrument cluster's display. This case we have a backup solution. We always stand behind our customers, so You may send Rover speedometer LCD display unit to us for repair, and no matter what the condition of the unit is, we can help. More precisely, up to this point we always succeeded, meaning none of our customers managed to do such a damage in the unit that we could not fix. The repair does not cost a fortune, in a lucky case it is 20-30 Euro plus return delivery cost only.

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