LCD display pixel repair ribbon - instrument cluster OBC

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LCD display pixel repair ribbon cable KIT for dead pixel repairs - for instrument cluster MID, OBC, SID

--> HQ SILVER cables with VIDEO repair manual
--> made in Europe, dispatched from Europe

(you may read about silver vs. carbon cables here)

Dashboard instrument cluster / speedometer OBC pixel failure repairs with HQ silver ribbon cable KIT:

Several car models have the common dead, fading, or completely disappearing LCD display pixel problem on the instrument cluster and on board computer (OBC) LCD display that shows valuable data such as the mileage, temperature, time and the OBC messages.
The LCD pixel problem lies with the ribbon cable (also called flexible cable, flat cable) that connects the OBC LCD display to the circuit board of the instrument cluster or the MID / SID unit. The replacement of the ribbon cable to a silver ribbon cable fixes the problem permanently.

Common symptoms of speedometer display pixels errors are:

- Single pixels or complete lines of pixels have disappeared from the OBC / speedo display
- LCD displays / OBC messages are difficult or impossible to read
- Some cases the display returns to complete working order once the dasboard instrument cluster hits high or low temperatures.

The missing pixel problem is quite common at the following models:

BMW 3 series (E36), 5 series (E34, E39), 7 series (E38), 8 series (E31), & X5
Mercedes E Class and C class
Land Rover / Range Rover
Audi A3 A4 A6 and A8
Volkswagen & Seat Several models
Opel Omega / Vauxhall B models
SAAB 9-3 and 9-5 models

The dead pixels are most common on the dashboard instrument cluster / speedometer, the MID and radio unit, on the on board computer or OBC, and on the SID unit.

The pixel failure can be fixed simply replaceing the ribbon cable with a silver ribbon cable KIT which is between the LCD and the panel. The pictures below show a good example how the instrument cluster LCD display looks
before and after the ribbon cable replacement (just an example of several board computer / dashboard instrument cluster types):

BMW 518i E53 X5 instrument cluster pixel repair
520i E38 E39 5 series 7 series BMW DIY

before ribbon cable replacement

after ribbon cable replacement

Now these ribbon cables (flex cables) are available for the above mentioned models, you can buy them instantly without registration, and we deliver from Europe to all over the World quite fast.

Next business day delivery:
- only for orders placed until 10am GMT+1
- USA and EU customers only

Express air mail delivery:

- this service is available all around the World
- Just a few examples of our delivery times:
Europe: 4 wdays
NA: 8 wdays
Africa, NZ: 13 WDAYS
The rest of the World (except China): 13 wdays
China: sorry, we do not ship to China

Cost of the delivery:

We charge 7 Euro for express air mail delivery to all over the World, which cost is charged only 1 time regardless to the number of products you buy. The website accurately calculates the prices including the shipping costs, so buy confidently, no extra or hidden charges are possible.

Replacement method:

You do not need special tools, special soldering iron, or special glue to replace the ribbon cables. We enclose at all cases a detailed replacement manual for free - video, or printed manual.


No need to recalibrate any of the units after the ribbon cable replacement, no data will be lost - you will have the original mileage and original settings in the unit.


You may arrange the payment with credit card, or with a simple Paypal transfer. If you have problems with the payment, please send us an E-mail and we will help you out.

How to buy goods in the webshop:

YOU DO NOT NEED TO REGISTER AT ALL! If you have problems using this webshop you can always contact us, or you can DOWNLOAD THE MANUAL that shows you step by step the "tricks" of this particular site. It will drive you through the purchasing process step-by-step.


Discount is available on multiple items. If you would like to buy 10+ items, please contact Us for special a offer!


Skype ID: uszkosfityma1391
Phone: +36705341440

*** all items were made in Europe and will be dispatched from Europe ***


Dead LCD pixels, fading LCD pixel on the instrument cluster are quite bad looking parts of a good car’s interior, so it is understandable that you may want to get it fixed. Replacement of the complete unit is quite expensive, that is why we try to encourage people to get it fixed by a professional on half price, or do the ribbon cable replacement at home on tenth price. As we sell quality flexible ribbon cables, bulbs / lamps only for DIY repair. This very common pixel failure is known on several units, like dashboard instrument cluster (speedometer), MID, and radio units, OBC (on board computer), and SID, and happen to several CAR manufacturers that use Siemens VDO electronics such as BMW 3 5 7 series, Audi A3 A4 A6 A8, VW, Seat, Mercedes C and E class, SAAB & Rover - you will find several different models on our site.

We have 3 important remarks to all those who already ordered the spare parts for their cars:
--> 1. Read the complete instructions before starting the ribbon cable replacement.
--> 2. Technical support is always available - on the phone, or via E-mail – please feel free to ask at any time!
--> 3. Always feel free to live with the opportunity mentioned on the last page of the instructions booklet!


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